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    Far Yang electronics co., LTD. Was established in huizhou1993Years,Is a large-scaleDC PLUG(DCPlug)Professional manufacturers。The original site is located in shilong town, dongguan city, guangdong province,2011Years10In the move to boluo county of huizhou city。 Since16Years11Month The original“Boluo county SAN shek wan an ocean-going electronic products”Officially changed its name to“Huizhou is far Yang electronics co., LTD”。The main production of various plug、Socket、plug、DCPlug、DC PLUG、DCHead、DCThe mother、DCSocket、3.5Earphone plug、2.5The headset pin、The headset、RCAPlug、9.5TVHead、Mobile phone plug、A tuning fork head、dc plug、dcPlug、5.5DCHead、ACHead、BigDin、MiNi Din、MiNi USB、USBThe plug socket、Power plug、The audio plug、Video plugs、Stereo head、Connector、Conversion plug, etc all kinds of connectors and terminal continuously,The product is suitable for mobile phone charger、Your headphones、DCThe power cord、The sound…

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【DCPlug】DCAnd plugDCSocket common knowledge

【DCPlug】DCAnd plugDCSocket common knowledge

    I believe I will have a lot of people in our daily life of every day come into contact with different kinds of plug,Have a cell phone plug,With headset plug,Have a power plug,With audio video plugs,There are alsoDCPlug and so on,For usDCDid the plug…

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【DCPlug】DCPlug the choose and buy and use!

【DCPlug】DCPlug the choose and buy and use!

    The choose and buy and useDCPlug should first consider security problems。BecauseDCLinked to our daily power plug,Related to the life and property safety,Good qualityDCThe plug can use safety guaranteed,All rightDCThe service life of the plug itself than the defective goods…

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