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Bengbu yifeng biological organic fertilizer co., LTD


Bengbu yifeng biological organic fertilizer co., LTDIs a professional in the straw and other organic solid waste as raw material to produce organic agriculture(Class)Fertilizer。Relying on the Chinese rice research institute of technology,Has a number of years in the soil microorganisms and plant nutrition professional engaged in the research work in the field of domestic famous experts,Dedicated to the rice seedling matrices,Vegetable seedling matrix、Organic fertilizer、Organic and inorganic fertilizer、Production、Sales、Service in the integration of high-tech enterprises。The company is located in bengbu in anhui province wuhe county economic development zone industrial park of south of the city,Covers an area of50m,Have senior technical titles6People,Intermediate professional titles10People。Existing seedling substrate production workshop15000Square meters,Finished goods warehouse5600Square meters,Standard sunlight greenhouses fermentation12000Square meters。In the company2015In formal production,Production of rice seedling substrate can be processed in500All packages、Organic fertilizer and other products10Ten thousand tons,Determined to become China's rice seedling matrix、Organic fertilizer leader!


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