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      True kung fuFast food brand was established1990Years,Over the years has been exist in stores in the domestic market,To create a Chinese fast food three standard operation system,Ahead of the country。Since the first true kung fu restaurant,True kung fu has been the main rice fast food。With in“Standardization”Intensive cultivation,Birthplace of kung fu from dongguan,From1999Over the years,Successively in guangzhou、Shenzhen、Beijing、Shanghai、Hangzhou、Shenyang、Tianjin、Wuhan、Changsha、Fuzhou、Zhengzhou, etc30Multiple cities,As the largest Chinese fast food chain enterprises。Along with the social development,Rapid economic transformation,Many newcomers by quickly join strategy will shop to the country,In this way,Take a lot of kung fu,After the company headquarters meetings bureau,The open area of the country's investment promotion to join。2017Years to transition,Will join and stronger do kung fu,Looking forward to you to create a better future!

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  • Join conditions

    1、True kung fu brand,Have family support。
    2、Strong desire for entrepreneurship,Can bear hardships and stand hard work。
    3、Have some working capital and good moral character。
    4、Have certain management experience,Can the whole heart into。

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  • Joining process

    1、Joining information through a variety of tools to understand true kung fu。
    2、Intention to clients to visit our headquarters、Determine the contract。
    3、Pay the relevant expenses and accept training headquarters。
    4、Store location、Soft opening,Business formally。

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