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Co., LTD., established in yichang auction firm2003Years,In yichang of hubei, is the first auction institutions,Specify the public property auctioneer,Department of the auctioning industry association in ChinaAAAuction enterprises,The auctioning industry association in hubei provinceAAACredit units,China's auction industry association governing units,Hubei province of landing qualified auction institutions。Companies registered capital100Ten thousand yuan,Net worth350Ten thousand yuan,With nearly300Square meters self-owned property of office space,Is currently one of the largest auction company in yichang。After the company all staff ten years of unremitting efforts,Companies from the initial feeling gradually to mature and perfect,Results from the annual turnover of several million yuan to2011To2016Turnover was one hundred million yuan a year,Total sales40More than one hundred million yuan。The company management team stability,Has formed its own corporate culture,“Good faith for this,Sustainable

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