About Us

About us

13Years of industry experience,30More than one professional team,Has its own factory

Blue is a collection of family the photo print advertising、Door head light box、Luminous word、Advertising lighting engineering、Implementation of planned meeting as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise in Shanxi Province。
Blue water advertising to better serve the broad masses of customers,Reasonable save every penny for customers,Not only on the organization structure form of prophase investigation、Planning design,Medium-term production installation,After-sales service one-stop reasonable arrangement,And in the business form also choose the company+Factory in one form。So the elite team of the company and the factory can get good equipment for the maximum energy。

  • 13Years

    Experience in industry
  • 1000Yu㎡

    Factory area
  • 30More than one

    Team of professionals
  • 2000More customers

    The wise choice

Our Services

Our service
Prophase survey strategy design、Medium-term production and processing、The late maintenance services,Exceed customer expectations

Luminous word

Luminous character

Truss structures

Exhibition rack construction

Display equipment

Display equipment



Service Process

Service process
Optimizing the service production process,To shorten the delivery cycle
  • Step 01

    Communication consulting

    Contact the designer、Business people communicate specific needs
  • Step 02

    Design the sample

    Designer layout backwardness sample confirmation
  • Step 03


    After finalized,Enter the production process
  • Step 04

    Distribution installation

    City customers with door-to-door delivery,Installation services

Successful Case

Successful cases
Customer success is our success,Thank all customers for our trust
  • Garbage classification culture wall
    Garbage classification culture wall
  • WeiDang billboard
    WeiDang billboard
  • Double-sided light box
    Double-sided light box
  • Hollow out light boxes
    Hollow out light boxes
  • Perforated plate light box door head
    Perforated plate light box door head
  • The door of the lacquer that bake
    The door of the lacquer that bake
  • The glass door
    The glass door
  • Door hair light word production installation
    Door hair light word production installation
  • 3MLight box door head
    3MLight box door head

We are a group of eager to stand out80、90After,Nothing special, too,Just to refuse any one hammer buying and selling。
We are enjoying,Also want you to enjoy life。You want is spread by brand、Display advertising to boost sales,Not a boast forces of discourse。

Customer relationship data indicate

  • 65

    Each100Clinch a deal the orders
    There is65The pen is old customer repurchase order

  • 15

    Each100Clinch a deal the orders
    There is15The pen is old customers recommend friends order

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In the spirit of craftsman,The casting industry model,Create excellence、Suitable work

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